The Steen & Berg Company Body Shop consists of 4 full-time employees with over 80 years of experience between them.  Through frame straightening, welding, custom work, and detailing, a customer's car will "smile" when the work is completed.

Our two auto frame employees have a combined 35 years experience, and put in the patience, time, and care ensuring that every car leaves with the manufactures measurements.  With the help of two frame racks and a laser measuring system, the proper tools are used for the job.

Our auto body workers also repair fiberglass cars, boats, and jet-skis, in addition to cars of domestic and foreign manufacture.  Rebuilding older model vehicles includes research through catalogues and the internet finding the proper part for the year of the vehicle.  We also have a detailing specialist on hand to ensure the car's appearance to pre-accident condition.

With over 30 years experience in MIG welding, any custom work is possible.  From switching the accelerator petal to the other side of the brake petal, turning to front end of a Cadillac to a desk, to creative rust repair, our employees tackle numerous unique requests.

Advanced technology and knowledge of the past bring the uniqueness and qualification of Steen & Berg company to high standards.  With competitive prices, and on several insurance companies preferred shop lists, our work is guaranteed to bring satisfaction to any customer.
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